Kazakhtelecom JSC awarded authors of 5 ideas and projects with special prize on international conference WebSummit 2017

Largest world web-summit held in Lisbon (Portugal) from 6 to 9 November 2017 where Kazakhtelecom JSC awarded authors of ideas and projects most perspective for realization in Kazakhstan with special prizes.

Kazakhstan board functioned with in web-summit, where proposals of our country for world IT-community were presented, and collection of ideas and offers from event participants have also performed. Kazakhtelecom JSC was an initiator of such collection and developing innovational solutions. Web-summit participants were offered to demonstrate functioning technological solutions to adapt more perspective ones and implement in Kazakhstan or create the analogues.

«Our company started to work actively with international and Kazakhstan innovations. We are set resolutely for attracting partners, who can offer specific ideas, directed to developing digital technologies in Kazakhstan. Working out 40 directions, we offered to web-summit participants sharing their idea and showed growth points and challenges, which exist now in our country», - noted Batyr Makhanbetazhiyev, Chief Director for strategic management of Kazakhtelecom JSC.

Kazakhtelecom JSC collected 200 ideas and projects as ready solutions as not standard technical proposals, which are directed to improving peoples quality of life. A prize for innovation projects has been established and 5 most relevant pitches have been selected, which correspond to company’s requirements on developing such an important spheres as single system of land inventory on base of blockchain, raising digital literacy, distance certification of teachers, financial literacy, digital system of SMB support, automation of cattle and crop products. By results of study and evaluation of proposed ideas and projects, the following winners are specified:

Health care. Sensor installation to patients. Author: Irene Brinker, USA. Project that functions in USA is in installation of sensors to patients, who need constant health care and control. Sensors follow vitally important indices and by means of special software can transmit information to a doctor in remote that allows improving treatment process.

Security. Anti-hacking system. Author: Jake Lee, South Korea. Anti-hacking system assigned for analysis of mobile apps, which use clients’ data, including financial information. System is targeted to searching security system failures, vulnerability in mobile apps, including backdoor.

Agriculture. Soil sensors. Author: Javier Lomas. Project functions on territories of two countries –Netherlands and Italy, the meaning of the project is that special sensors are put to the soil, which allow collecting information on soil state and make analysis by various parameters. Using these data, farmers and entrepreneurs can more effectively develop their activity and reduce costs.

Social sphere. Job search platform. Author: Gennady Gaydargy, Ukraine. Idea is in creating platform for automatic recruiting and prompt search of employers that must reduce unemployment level in countries where such application can be used. Platform on base of artificial intellect gathers many data and systemize them and makes digital selection that allows employer and employee to promptly communicate with each other, thus, time for search is reduced to two hours.

E-learning. Languages learning apps. Author: Sreeraman Thiagarajan, India. Education app for smart phones, which allows learning any language. Apps with elements of gaming and virtualization, the meaning of which is in that user performed tasks through games. Thus, if user gets sms, he can not read it until task proposed by the apps is performed.

Note that during four web-summit days, over 15 thousand people visited Kazakhstan board.

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Kazakhtelecom JSC


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