07.10.2009. Extract from Minutes of Kazakhtelecom JSC extraordinary shareholders meting dated 11 March 2008 №35

The agenda:

  1. «On changes and amends to Kazakhtelecom JSC Corporate management code.

Pursuant to the article 36 of the Law of Republic of Kazakhstan «On joint-stock companies», sub-clause 5) clause 1 article 30 of Kazakhtelecom JSC Statutes, Kazakhtelecom JSC extraordinary shareholders meeting (hereinafter referred to as Company) RESOLVED:

  1. to make changes and amends to Kazakhtelecom JSC corporate management code, approved by decision of general shareholders meeting dated 31 January 2006 (Minutes №27) by means of approval in new version.
  2. to provide for approval of Board of directors the Plan of measures on implementing Kazakhtelecom JSC corporate management code and receiving corporate management rating by the Board of the company within ten days after this resolution adopted.

Corporate secretary of Kazakhtelecom JSC


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