08.09.2009. Results of annual general shareholders meeting as of 4 September 2009

Kazakhtelecom JSC (31, Abay Ave., 010000, Astana) notifies its shareholders on results of annual general shareholders meeting, held on 4 September 2009.

By issue №1 of the agenda «On approval of audited consolidated financial statements of Kazakhtelecom JSC for 2008, prepared pursuant to International standards of financial statements» resolution was adopted by ordinary majority of votes of shareholders attended on the meeting.

By issue №2 of the agenda «On order of Kazakhtelecom JSC net profit distribution for 2008, dividends paying  by ordinary shares and approval of amount of dividend as per one ordinary share» resolution was adopted by majority of votes from total voting shares.

By issue №3 of the agenda «On termination of powers of Board of directors of Kazakhtelecom JSC and election of new composition of Board of directors to a term, specified by the Statutes of Kazakhtelecom JSC. Resolutionwasadopted

By issue №4 of the agenda «Determining of amount for paying compensations to Independent directors of Kazakhtelecom JSC, resolution was adopted by majority of votes from total number of voting shares.

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