27.07.2009. Resolutions of general shareholders meetings, adopted in 2008

New version of Kazakhtelecom JSC corporate management code was approved by resolution of extraordinary general shareholders meeting №35 dated 11.03.2008 (enclosed)

By resolution of annual general shareholders meeting of Kazakhtelecom JSC №36 dated 30.05.2008 Kazakhtelecom JSC audited consolidated financial statements for 2007 was approved, prepared pursuant to the International standards of financial statements, an issue on distribution of net profit by results of 2007 was considered, amount and paying off dividends by ordinary shares for 2007 was approved, changes in Kazakhtelecom JSC Board of directors were made (powers of Beibit Akhabayev were terminated before head, and Nikolay Klinchev was elected to a vacant position).

By decision of extraordinary general shareholders meeting №37 dated 15.08.2008 changes and amends to Kazakhtelecom JSC Statutes were made, conditions for paying extraordinary compensation to Independent directors were defined, changes in Kazakhtelecom JSC Board of directors composition were made (Reijo Juhani Ahola Independent director powers have been terminated before head, Peter Howes new Independent director was elected)

By decision of extraordinary general shareholders meeting №38 dated 29.09.2008 changes and amends to the Provision on Board of directors were made (enclosed), to Kazakhtelecom JSC Statutes; Provision of Kazakhtelecom general shareholders meeting was approved (enclosed) and Provision on dividend policy of Kazakhtelecom JSC (enclosed); issues on determining auditing company o 2008 for auditing Kazakhtelecom JSC, Altel JSC, Nursat JSC and Mobile Telecom Service LLC were considered, on changes in Board of directors of Kazakhtelecom JSC (powers of Baurzhan Baimukhanov, Independent director, Peter Howes Independent director, Adilbek Sarsenov member of Board of directors were terminated before head. Member of Board of directors was elected Baurzhan Baimukhanov, and Dmotriy Larionov as elected Independent director)

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