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In 2014 Kazakhtelecom JSC launched Orleu transformation program. Directed to achieving strategic tasks. They touch key directions of company’s activity and shall bring internal processes and Kazakhtelecom to an absolutely new model, besides, they will allow saving leading positions on infocommunication market. Thus, initiative «Effective business -model» assumes improving internal processes and company’s structure. This is raising organization efficiency, IT-infrastructure optimization, network control processes and servicing, improving investment process. As company has branches absolutely in all regions, changes can touch all levels.

Today restructuring of Kazakhtelecom JSC organization structure is performed within Orleu transformation program: establishing Division for corporate business, Division for retail business, closing oblast telecommunication directions, establishing Regional telecommunication direction, which will involve personnel optimization.

For minimization of consequences from personnel optimization, and reducing social tension in labor collectives, some measures will be undertaken.

For max painless shift to new organization structure some measures on organic optimization of personnel through natural flow support is envisaged in the company. Hiring new employees was stopped and declared moratorium till the end of this year. Internal human resources are enough for the company: internal shits are used, rotation of personnel, retirement by pension before head is encouraged with respective conditions and payments due to Collective contract, approaches to employees stimulating to retirement by pension is considered.

Section «Retired Kazakhtelecom JSC employees’ assistance program”

Retired Kazakhtelecom JSC employees’ assistance programs worked in the company, which is worked out for several years. Realization of events for personnel information , providing consultations, training/retraining, adaptation to the changed conditions and assistance in employment of retired personnel is planned within the Program.

First of all, active information and explanatory work is envisaged among company’s employees:

1) on company’s transformation program projects, necessity to implement changes and measures on personnel retirement;

2) bringing information about all projects and resources of retired personnel on its employment in the region through republic programs "Atameken", "Road employment map 2020"; services, provided by employment, training and retraining at Employment centers at places and its contact data;

3) explanation of personnel retirement procedures following Labor code of RK.

Centers for employment assistance of retired personnel have been established in all regional branches of Kazakhtelecom JSC. Key function of such centers– realization of measures of Employment program for saving social stability, securing reliable consultative and practical assistance to retired employees.

On base of branch Direction «Academy of infocommunication technologies» (DAIT) developing of education programs is performed, and training and retraining for possible employment of retired personnel to positions that are in high demand in the company.

Training assumes distance format – webinars. Company has such resources for implementing a course which is useful for employees. Practical seminars include following components: skills in writing resumes and cover letter for further employment, rules for preparing and participation in interviews, presentation skills, effective job search techniques etc.

Our company cooperates with Center of social interaction and communications Samruk-Kazyna JSC in realization of program for social adaptation of retired employees. Within project, team that consisted of a coach, psychologists, business –coaches, financial consultants, lawyers, call-center specialists, will perform individual support of employees by four key directions: training and retraining, raising financial literacy, employment, entrepreneurship.

Section «Where can I get feedback»

Common telephone republican “hot line” was created in Kazakhtelecom JSC, is specially opened, where you can get all answers to all questions you are interested in, also psychological support and juridical consultation.

Hot line telephone - 8 800 080 72 72.

By all questions that can appear within organizational structure transformation, employees can appeal to his director and employees of HR sub-division

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