HR policy

Kazakhtelecom JSC personnel policy on base of process management

Purpose: personnel efficacy management and company’s stock cost increase by means of competitive human capital advantage.

Kazakhtelecom JSC personnel policy represents synthesis of key directions of Samruk-Kazyna JSC, strategic tasks an best world practices.

Kazakhtelecom JSC personnel policy qualitative new HR system worked out on base of process approach. 

Kazakhtelecom Personnel Policy - image component of our company, index of attractiveness as employer

Kazakhtelecom JSC personnel policy – system of principles, key trends an methods of management and development of human assets of Kazakhtelecom JSC.

Kazakhtelecom JSC personnel policy is realized on base of personnel management as business partner,  on new principles of contractual social and labor relations between employees an company as employer.

Kazakhtelecom JSC personnel policy is key business processes, passing through the company:

  • process of attraction and holing high professionals;
  • process of activity efficiency evaluation;
  • process of knowledge control;
  • process of corporate culture development.  
Kazakhtelecom JSC personnel policy regulations:
  • of interaction between processes and sub-divisions of personnel management system;
  • responsibility an powers of process owners and other officials;
  • roles and responsibilities of line managers;
  • order and forms of reports before top management;
  • system of indices, characterizing results an efficiency of business-processes, system of personnel management and company in the whole;
  • order of considering activity results and adopting managerial solutions on removal defects an achievement of plan indices
Kazakhtelecom JSC personnel policy confidence of employee in tomorrow.

Kazakhtelecom JSC Personnel Policy. Download here

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