​Contest terms «Together with Telecom»


1. Revelation of talented students for passing free probation in Kazakhtelecom JSC and further employment to the company.


2. 3-4th courses students of specialties «Telecommunications and electronics», «Computers and software», «Marketing» and other similar specialties related to declared themes. Author of the project can be one person or a group from 2-3 people. Number of projects, submitted by one author is not limited


3. KazakhtelecomJSC


4. Independently performed and completed projects by themes bellow shall be submitted to the contest:

1) development of sales channels: where and how to attract new clients;

2) versions of cooperation and partners programs of Kazakhtelecom JSC for raising subscribers\clients loyalty;

3) introduction of payment instruments (new forms of payment), instruments of "digital economics";

4) optimization of Kazakhtelecom JSC network using new technologies;

5) ways for engineers productivity;

6) ways for communication services quality raise.

5.Contest work shall represent an actual, oriented to practical realization project, open theme and be completed by meaning. Pictures, presentations, additional materials necessary for the event is a plus but not obligatory.

Also, it is necessary to specify the list of used literature /sources.

Contest work shall have the following parts:

1) headline;

2) authors’ data (all co-authors)– name of participant (or group of authors);

3) name of institute, where competitor studied;

4) name of faculty, with specialty and course specified;

5) name of project.

Contest work shall be submitted on paper in format А4) and e-device on Russian or Kazakh languages, Times New Roman, 14, one interval. Parameters of page: fields– upper and bottom– 2 sm., left– 3 sm., right– 2 sm. Space in first line is 1,5 sm. Correction of text by width.

6. If failure to follow the requirements above Commission can leave the right not to consider and reject to consider such projects.

Works are not returned.

Steps and terms

7. Contest is carried out in two steps:

I step: from 25 December 2015 to 18.00 pm of 21 February 2016 acceptance of works to e-mail: internship@telecom.kz

From 22 February to 29 February 2016– selection by Commission of 10 best projects for participation in II-step.

II step: from 1 March to 11 March 2016– public defense of 10 best projects.

Criteria of evaluation

8. Projects will be evaluated by Contest commission by 5-score grade as follows:

1) correspondence to the theme of contest;

2) arguments and level of theme development;

3) practical consideration /value;

4) efficiency of realized project;

5) innovation;

6) reality of the project.


9. By results of evaluation and public defense Commission will choose 3 best projects and will present them to awarding with valuable prizes.

Number of finalists will be defined by Commission.

Name of winners prior to awarding ceremony shall not be disclosed.


10. All prize winners and finalists will get prizes from the company

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