Main projects

Information on realization Kazakhtelecom JSC telecom network development and upgrade projects for 2016

For saving leading positions on telecommunication market of RK, Kazakhtelecom JSC continue realizing projects, directed to development and upgrading of telecommunication network on the following direction:

- Implementing and developing of IPTV in RK.
- Developing of broadband services at branch offices.
- Construction of optical distributive network for corporate clients of oblast centers of Almaty and Astana.

Within realization of project "Implementing and developing of IPTV in RK" IPTV network was organized in Astana, Almaty and all oblast centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2016 providing of emergency video messages was secured on Emergency Situations, main joints in Astana and Almaty were upgraded, regional IPTV joints were expanded. Within long-term contract over 97 thousand terminals were organized.

For further broadband services development at branch offices, subscribers’ fiber-optic access with high bandwidth is expanded. FTTH network covers over 30 cities, including Astana, Almaty, all oblast centers and cities of oblast significance Semey, Zhanaozen, Aksu, Ekibastuz, Stepnogorsk, Shchuchinsk, Temirtau, Zhezkazgan, Kapshagay, Ucharal, Aksay, Zachahansk (West Kazakhstan), Hromtau, Zyryanovsk, Ridder, towns of Aktobe, Astana and Alamty. By the end of 2016 over 600 thousand subscribers can be connected.



For improving quality of provided services and raising data transfer speed, and holding leading positions on broadband services segment for large corporate clients and state authorities (B2B, B2G) in May 2016 large Kazakhtelecom JSC project for construction of FOCL to corporate clients of the Company was developed and accepted by resolution of the Board of directors. Reconnection over 13 thousand legal entities to optic distributive networks in Astana, Almaty, oblast centers and cities of oblast significance is specified.

Realization of the project, started in second half year of 2016, allowed connecting over 800 clients to fiber-optic access network.

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