Personnel evaluation

Efficiency rating of employees’ activity

Various, tested and recommended as best international practice methods of personnel evaluation including efficiency rating of employees’ activity, calibrating sessions, evaluation by method 360 grades, assessment center etc are implemented for use in Kazakhtelecom JSC.

For main share of company’s personnel from 2009 attracting professional services in HR-consulting sphere performs step by step implementing of e-system of efficiency rating of employees’ activity that includes two components for all sided and objective evaluation:

  1. management by objectives – evaluation by grade and quality of achieved individual goals by employee;
  2. competency assessment – assessment of behavior by definite indicators for achievement of individual goals.
Worked out system of activity evaluation:

  • determined main competencies, required for achievement of company’s goals;
  • permitted to reform business goals to team purposes and separate employee;
  • specified needs and strategy of team development and separate employee;
  • is rather simple and understandable in use and administrating;
  • allow company moving by way of max efficacy and stability of business development

Evaluation of company employees’ activity is held for:

  • formation of employees responsibility for results of their labor activity;
  • determining employees to positions occupied and feedback;
  • help in planning of employees carrier, including to personnel reserve, decision making on reasonability of vertical or horizontal shifts;
  • specifying needs in training and development of employees,  making individual development plans;
  • putting in accordance of salary level and bonuses to a level of their work efficiency.

Total employees evaluation– held once a year evaluation of results and level of employees competencies development for determining their needs in training and development, correspondence of salary level to their work efficacy, also correspondence of employees to a position occupied or work performed.

SMART method is used for individual purposes. First time SMART-format was stated by Peter Drucker in the middle of previous century.

What is SMART-purposes?

So called smart purposes – goals that satisfy the following requirements.



Specific, considerable

Goal shall be max concrete and clear. Grade of transparency shall be defined by univocacy of perception by all



Measurable, considerable, motivating

Goal shall be measurable, at that criteria shall not only be measures by final result but interim as well



Achievable, agreed, oriented to specific actions

It is necessary to adequately evaluation situation and understand that goal is achievable from point of view of external and internal resources, which company or subdivision possesses



Realistic, suitable, useful and oriented to results

Goal shall be realistic and suitable in this situation, shall not breach balance with other goals and priorities



On definite period of time, timely, follow up

Term or definite period of execution– one of main goal components. It can has fixed date and cover definite period as well

– business skills, necessary for successful execution of duties and achievement of individual goals. For each category of employees from model of competencies is formed own set of competencies, necessary for this exact category.

Model of Kazakhtelecom JSC employees competencies includes 25 competencies and envisages following types of competencies:

  1. main competencies– general characteristics for all employees for securing stable and following development of the company;
  2. specific competencies– skills depending on employee’s position to respective category of employees, containing the following sub-groups:

– personal competencies– characteristics, promoting revelation of employees with high level of activity efficacy;

technical competencies– special skills necessary for performing duties in occupied position;

leaders competencies– skills necessary for successful solving of managerial tasks.

Each company’s branch considering production processes performs employees activity evaluation, by results of which results rating system is formed that is main for applying motivation instruments.

For instance, individual indices of each employee are successfully implemented in Akmola OTD. In Almatytelecom MTC rating evaluation of structural sub-divisions directors worked out, that is made on basis of data of financial and technical statements by results of a quarter. Participants are directors of structural sub-divisions of Maintenance center of linear –cable constructions, telecommunication development center, cross commutation center, technical accountancy and passportization center and sales center. Four groups of indices are used for determining rating evaluation: financial, volumetric, quality and efficiency, meanings of which are calculated by results of a quarter. Total (integral) index represents individual numeral coefficient of achievements, considering personal qualities of a director, his professional skills.

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