Resolutions of strategic planning committee of Kazakhtelecom Board of directors for 2015

№1 dated 09.02.2015 1. On realization of projects of consolidated Budget of capital investments of group of companies of Kazakhtelecom JSC to 2015. 2. Report on attracting Boston Consulting Group. 3. On approval of transaction for purchase of 100% market share in «Info-Net Wireless» LLC

4. On approval of changes and amends to Innovation –technological strategy of group of companies of Kazakhtelecom JSC till 2022.

№2 dated 18.03.2015 1. On considering interim information on realization of upgrade program «Orleu». 2. On coordination of attracting PricewaterhouseCoopers by project of Corporate sales direction activity efficiency raise. 3. On purchase of consulting services.
№3 dated 15.05.2015 On approval of Kazakhtelecom JSC policy for management of complete cycle of capital investments.
№4 dated 28.05.2015 1.On approval of Kazakhtelecom JSC policy by complete cycle of capital investments management. 2. On re-distribution of capital investments budget means of 2015.
№5 dated 16.06.2015 On realization of Orleu upgrade program
№6 dated 26.06.2015

On projects of Orleu upgrade program, headed by Chief commercial director of the company

№7 dated
1. On Kazakhtelecom JSC strategy 2. On correction of Kazakhtelecom JSC development plan to 2015–2019. 3. On purchase of services for independent evaluation for attracting potential strategic partner within realization of strategic project «Introduction of LTE/GSM/UMTS on territory of RK in 2012-2021».

4. On some issues of joint venture I mobile segment.

5. On initiatives of Orleu program, referred to competence of Foreign assets management service.

6. On attracting consulting company for rendering services on CIS market observation of HR directors and directors for corporate development.*

7. On agreement of consultation services purchase on HR-projects.*

№8 dated 23.10.2015

1. On purchase of consulting services for determining rating of social stability of Kazakhtelecom JSC to 2015.

2. On agreement of consulting purchases purchase by HR-projects.

3. On measures fir motivation of Kazakhtelecom JSC branches employees for over scheduled profit.

4. On approval of creation Astanatelecom Regional telecommunication direction and Almatytelecom Regional telecommunication direction Kazakhtelecom JSC branches

5. On evaluation of FCF by project «Optimization of transport workshop» by all articles of transport costs and possible compensation at expense of other projects of Chief director –Head of administration

6. On parameters of investment activity of Kazakhtelecom JSC to 2016.

№9 dated
On parameters of investment activity of Kazakhtelecom JSC to 2016.
№10 dated
On approval of bargain for purchase of 100% participation share in «MaxCom» LLC
№11 dated

On approval of Kazakhtelecom development plan to 2016-2020.

№12 dated 30.11.2015 1. On agreement of purchase of consulting services by actualization of Strategy for Kazakhtelecom JSC stock cost increase 2. On approval of work plan of Strategic planning committee of Kazakhtelecom JSC board of directors to 2016.

* resolutions on denying in attracting consulting services have been adopted 

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