Resolutions of Strategic planning committee of Kazakhtelecom Board of directors for 2017

№1 dated 16.05.2017

1. On purchase of consulting services by a project of digital sales channels development using flexible project management method– Agile.
2. On approval of Regulation for full capital investments cycle control of Kazakhtelecom JSC
3. On parameters of investment activity of Kazakhtelecom JSC group to 2018.
4. On creating Common service center on legal functions.
5. On attracting consulting for external mature evaluation and efficiency of corporate system of risks management.
6. On flows management.

№2 dated 29.05.2017

1. On approval of creating Division for retail business – Kazakhtelecom JSC branch
2. On approval of Approaches for consulting and auditing services of Kazakhtelecom JSC.
3. On composition of Committee for strategic planning of Board of directors of Kazakhtelecom JSC

№3 dated 25.07.2017

1. In compliance function.
2. On approval of consulting services purchase. 3. On approval of common list of constant services to 2017.

№4 dated 25.09.2017

1. renewed indices for Strategy to 2018.
2. Report on debt management of Kazakhtelecom JSC group
3.On coordinating purchase of consulting services by a project: «Development of digital strategy of the Company and digital transformation program». (issue requires additional development)
4. On some issues of entering Kazakhtelecom JSC to international markets

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