Dear candidate,

Ability to work in team, positive mood, active life position and high self discipline— are qualities that a candidate willing to work for Kazakhtelecom JSC shall have.

Company welcomes purposeful and creative candidates, oriented to high professional results and success.

E-base of CV and resumes for corporate vacancies center is formed in Kazakhtelecom JSC. You have a chance to send your CV or resume specifying or not specifying the position you willing to get by post,  electronic, facsimile or by a courier to: 12, Sauran St., 010000, Yessil district, Astana, Management and HR development department; е-mail:

Information on vacancies in company’s branches is available in respective sectors of Company’s branches.

If any vacancy, we will inform you to pass procedures on competitive base, applied in the company, if your competencies and experience meet the requirements.

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