iD Net
iD Net
Super speed. Super traffic. Super opportunity.
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iD Net

iD Net is a really unlimited Internet of up to 120 Mbit/sec in Kazakhstan. It provides every Kazakhstani family with additional opportunities: digital television and smart phone.

iD Net
Downloading HD-movies
Prefer Blu-Ray? iD Net gives you the opportunity to download a movie very quickly.
iD Net
Fast paging-in
There are no «heavy» or «slow» sites with iD Net! Surf the Internet at up to 120 Mbit/s!
iD Net
Video with no lags
Prefer HD? Spend hours on YouTube? Press PLAY and enjoy HD without waiting for loading!
iD Net
Choose high-quality sound: Listen to music in any format without waiting for downloading and lags!
iD Net
Online games
Minimum ping in online games. Fast downloading of DLC, add ons, patches and mods.
iD Net
Internet and your PC
How about online photo, video albums and filing? iD Net allows your files to be quickly received and transmitted without traffic limits and at high speed.

Choose the best tariff

Tariff plan Data transfer speed Traffic Monthly fee,
iD Net 1 Gbit/s Hit 1 Gbit/s 19900
iD Net 120 120 Mbit/s 6300
iD Net Turbo 100 Mbit/s 4600
iD Net Hit * 50 Mbit/s 3830

* data transfer speed to external resources composes 30 Mbit/s

For details on services, rates, order of providing services, forms of payment and other information, call «160» information support service or address to Kazakhtelecom JSC service centers.

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Package offers with iD Net

iD Home is a package of three services: iD Net Internet, ID TV digital TV, iD Phone smart phone.
iD Home VIP is a premium 7 service package at a price of 9,990 tenge per a month. The maximum opportunities of digital TV, smart phone and Internet provided by Kazakhtelecom
"ID TV" is a two-service package: iD Net Internet and iD TV digital TV. The cost is lower than when activate each service separately.
iD Net

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